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Gastroenterology OPD

Get information about Gastroenterology OPD

Gastroenterology OPD

Available On Days: Monday to Saturday

Visiting Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Location: second Floor (Above Lobby Pharmacy), Main Building

Billing Counter Info: Reception Superspeciality, First Floor, Main Building OR Superspeciality Counter, Second Floor, Main Building

OPD Doctors List:

Sl No. Doctor Name Room No Available On Days/Time
1. Dr. Subrat Kumar Acharya Consultation Room Contact to Hello KIMS
2. Dr. Yogesh Kumar Chawla Consultation Room Contact to Hello KIMS
3. Dr. Anil Chandra Anand Consultation Room Monday, Wednesday & Friday
(10:00 AM To 1:00 PM)
4. Dr. Sarat Chandra Panigrahi Consultation Room Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
(10:00 AM To 1:30 PM)
5. Dr. Bipadabhanjan Mallick Consultation Room Tuesday & Friday
6. Dr. Preetam Nath Consultation Room Monday & Thursday
7. Dr. Dibyalochan Prahraj Consultation Room Wednesday & Saturday

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