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Department Of ENT

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Department of ENT, KIMS

Otolaryngology as a speciality is an extremely challenging and emerging arena with the advent of endoscopes and microscopes. The department is headed by Professor & HOD Dr. Kabikanta Samantaray (MS) ENT and Head-Neck Surgery. He is also the ex-vice president of the phonology society of India. The team of ENT surgeons here at KIMS are at the frontier by scaling their surgical skills from conventional methods to the latest endoscopic and radical surgeries. Complex Head and Neck cancer and reconstructive intervention are dealt with utmost care and precision. Furthermore, the newer skull base surgeries for tumours and other pathologies are made possible with skilful and experienced surgeons. The department works in collaboration with other surgical disciplines to aid and improvise patient care.


    • Outdoor procedures like Videolaryngoscopy, Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy, Otoendoscopy, Microscopic Ear Examination & procedures, Minor Operative procedure under local anaesthesia.
    • Voice and swallowing clinic
    • Stroboscopy
    • Fiber optic laryngoscopy
    • Sleep clinic
    • Vertigo clinic

    • Audiological evaluation like Pure Tone Audiometry, Impedence Audiometry, Oto-acoustic emission, BERA, ENG, Caloric Test, etc. 6-month internship course in audiology available.
    • Speech clinic and speech therapy,Voice and swallowing therapy, Therapeutical & management for brain injury and stroke cases.
    • Laryngotomy / Head & Neck Cancer Rehabilitation.
    • Behavioural Therapy
    • Operative procedures like :


  • Tympanoplasty
  • Cortical, Modified Radical and Radical Mastoidectomy
  • Stapedectomy
  • Combined approach tympanoplasty
  • Cochlear Implant
  • Otoplasty
  • Endoscopic Ear Surgeries
  • Petrosectomy
  • CSF Otorrhoea repair
  • Fisch approach
  • Translabyrinthine approach
  • Transcochlear approach


  • Endoscopic septoplasty
  • FESS
  • Surgery for choanal atressia
  • Rhinoplasty
  • JNA surgery
  • CSF rhinorrhera repair
  • Management of recurrent respiratory papilloma cases
  • Endoscopic DCR


  • Medial maxillectomy both endoscopic and open approach
  • Total maxillectomy
  • Coblation adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea surgery
  • Transoral removal of elongated styloid process
  • Surgery of soft palate
  • Tongue surgeries
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate repair
  • Pharyngotomy
  • Marginal Mandibulectomy, Segmental Mandibulectomy
  • Oral and oro-pharyngeal malignancy surgeries
  • Micro laryngeal surgery
  • Phono-micro surgery
  • Thyroplasty
  • Tracheostomy
  • Trachea-esophageal fistula repair
  • Tracheal stenosis repair
  • Voice rehabilitation surgeries
  • Partial and total laryngectomy
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Parathyroid surgeries
  • Esophagoscopy
  • Direct laryngoscopy
  • Rigid bronchoscopy
  • Airway foreign body removal
  • Oesophageal foreign body removal
  • Nasal bone and mandibular fracture repair
  • Parotid gland surgery
  • Submandibular gland surgery
  • Skull base surgeries
  • Head and Neck cancer surgery
  • Temporal bone dissection


    • Coblator (Metronix)
    • HD 4K Endoscope(Karl Storz)
    • Microlaryngoscope with MLS instruments (Karl Storz)
    • Microscope (Leica)
    • Hydrodebrider endoscopic sinus irrigation system
    • Otologic drills
    • Microdebrider
    • Integrated power console system
    • Stroboscope
    • Fibre optic laryngoscope
    • Skeeter otologic drill system (Medtronic)
    • Audiological instruments


ENT imaging, Post-operative care, Intra operative care, infectious ENT problems, Pediatric otolaryngology, Head and Neck, Post Covid ENT manifestations, Management of Headache, Management of Vertigo, Management and evaluation of voice disorders.



Dr. Kabikanta Samantaray : Vice President Association otolaryngology Bhubaneswar Branch Past Vice President APSI(Association of phono surgeons of India) Past Hon secretary APSI Past Hon secretary AOI Odisha Fellowship in Otology Causse clinic France Fellowship in SRBD Mannheim Germany

ENT Faculty List

Sl No. Photo Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Publications
1. Dr. Kabikanta Samantaray Professor & Head of Department(HOD),ENT MBBS, MS ENT 9
2. Dr. Khageswar Rout Professor MBBS, MS ENT 15
3. Dr. Pradipt Ranjan Sahoo Associate Professor MBBS, MS ENT 9
4. Dr. Nishikanta Pradhan Assistant Professor MBBS, MS ENT 5
5. Dr. Debasis Jena Assistant Professor MBBS, MS ENT 5
6. Dr. Swatee Dash Senior Resident MBBS, MS ENT 6
7. Dr. Manas Ranjan Rout Professor MS (ENT) 36

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