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Department Of Ophthalmology

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Department of Ophthalmology

The EYE Department of KIMS, Bhubaneswar is highly advanced treatment center for EYE care undertaking medical and surgical management of both anterior and posterior segment surgeries of Eye. Eye Department has 8 highly trained surgeons with 02 Optometrist and 02 COA.

Name of the Doctors:

  1. Dr. D. N. Bhuyan (Professor & HOD)
  2. Dr. H.K Rajguru (Professor)
  3. Dr. Indrani Rath (Professor)
  4. Dr. Soumya Kanta Mohanty (Asst. Professor)
  5. Dr. Matuli Das (Asst. Professor)
  6. Dr. Gayatree Mohanty (Asst. Professor)
  7. Dr. Shovna Dash (Asst. Professor)
  8. Dr. Snehalata Dash (Sr. Resident)
  9. Dr. Pallavi P. Sahu (Sr. Resident)
  10. Dr. Manmath Kumar Das (Consultant, Retina)
  11. Dr. Debarati Saha (Consultant, Oculoplasty)

1. General Ophthalmology:
      a) Slit Lamp Microscopy
      b) Two Zeiss Operating Microscope with One Biom
      c) Alcon Phacoemulsification Machine
      d) Auto Refractometre
      e) A-Scan machine (Optical Biometre)
      f) Ophthalmic B-Scan Machine
2. Glaucoma
      a) Applanation Tonometry
      b) Humphrey Visual Field Assessment
      c) Nd. Yag Laser
3. Retina:
      a) Fundus Camera with FFA
      b) OCT
      c) Green laser
      d) Constellation Vitrectomy machine

      1. Nd-YAG capsulotomy
      2. Laser for ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity)
      3. Focal and pan retinal photo coagulation
      1. Cataract
          a) Manual SICS
          b) Phaco-emulsification

      2. Vitreoretinal Surgeries:
          a) RD Surgery
          b) Pars Plana Vitrectomy
          c) Macular Hole Surgery
          d) Diabetic Vitrectomy
          e) Epirtinal Membrane Surgery
          f) Scleral Fixation IOL
          g) Intra Vitral Injections

      3. Trabeculectomy:

      4. Oculoplastic Surgery:
          a) Entropion & Ectropion Correction
          b) LID Reconstruction
          c) External and Endoscopic DCR
          d) LID Retraction Correction
          e) Ptosis Surgery
          f) Syringing and Probing under GA
          g) Socket Eye Surgeries with Implant and Prosthesis
          h) Evisceration
          i) Enucleation
          j) Orbit Surgeries of Eye Tumors
          k) DCR with and Without Implant, DCY

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