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Rights & Responsibilities

We encourage all patient in our hospital to aware of their rights and responsibilities

Rights & Responsibilities

Right to access to care: Individual shall given impartial access to treatment that are medically indicated regardless of race, creed, sex, culture, disability or source of payment.

Right to respect and dignity: Patient has right to receive considered respectful care under all circumstances.

Right to pain management: Patient has right to appropriate assessment and management of pain.

Right to information: Patient has the right obtain, from the practitioners responsible for coordinating and providing patients care, complete and current information about diagnosis, treatment, alternatives, risks and any know prognosis.


1. Provision of Information: All information pertaining to his or her healthcare needs to be addressed to healthcare Staff.

2. Provision of financial obligation: It is his duty to fulfill the financial needs of the organization that may incurred during his care.

3. Take part in decision making: Providing consent and understanding the treatment need.

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