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Department Of ENT

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Department of ENT

The ENT department at KIMS Hospital Bhubaneswar is a highly advanced treatment centre for Ear, Nose and Throat related diseases, with a dedicated team of six highly trained ENT specialists and one Audiologist .

Name of the Doctors:

  1. Dr. Rudranarayan Biswal (Professor & HOD)
  2. Dr. K.K Samantaray (Professor)
  3. Dr. Khageswar Rout (Asso. Professor)
  4. Dr. Pradip Ranjan Sahoo (Asst. Professor)
  5. Dr. Nishikanta Pradhan (Sr. Resident)
  6. Dr. Debasis Jena (Sr. Resident)
  7. Dr. Swatee Dash ( Sr. Resident)
  8. Dr. Susri Niharika Sahu (Sr. Resident)

Facilities Available:

  1. Zeiss and Leica operating microscope
  2. Endolaryngeal instrument with HD camera
  3. Nasal endoscopes
  4. Microdebrider
  5. Coblator
  6. Fibro optic laryngoscope
  7. Stroboscope
  8. Audiometry
  9. BERA(Brain Steam Evoked Response Audiometry)
  10. ASSR(Auditory Steady State Response)
  11. OAE (Oto Acoustic Emissions)
  12. ENG (Electro Nystagmo Graphy)
  13. Speech, Language & Voice Assessment cum Therapy

Procedure Available:

  1. Microsurgery for Ear- Tympanoplasty Stapedectomy
  2. Cochlear Implant surgery
  3. Endoscopic Ear Surgery
  4. Uvulopalato pharyngoplasty for Snoring
  5. Endoscopic sinus surgery for sinusitis and polyp
  6. Endoscopic surgery for nasopharyngeal fibroma
  7. Thyroid surgery & Parotid Surgery
  8. Endolaryngeal and framework surgery for hoarseness of voice
  9. Coblation assisted tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  10. Skull base surgery
  11. Endoscopic Septoplasty & Septorhinoplasty
  12. Head and Neck surgery – Maxillectomy, Laryngectomy
  13. Oro-facio maxillary surgery

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