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Department Of ENT

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The ENT department at KIMS Hospital Bhubaneswar is a highly advanced treatment centre for Ear, Nose and Throat related diseases, with a dedicated team of six highly trained ENT specialists and one Audiologist .

»  We have a dedicated ENT department, fully equipped with Microscope (Carl Zeiss), Endoscope (Karl Storz) these instruments are one of its own kind in Eastern zone.

»  A modern Audiology set up with facilities for routine and advanced audiology like OAE BERA. ASSR etc.

»  Coblator – 1st in Eastern zone This instrument have provision for highly advanced Tonsil operations, which is blood less   &  pain less .

»  Microsurgical work including Tympanoplasty, Stapedectomy and Mastoidectomy are also carried out.

»  Implantation Autology Unit (A proposed prog )-Cochlear Implant programme for helping the completely deaf.

»  Treatment for snoring (UPPP- an advance surgery).

»  Endo laryngeal System in ENT, First in Eastern Zone – Voice Surgery and Injection Laryngeal Surgery.

»  Nasal Surgeries –For Nasal Blockage, Nasal Beatification, Loss of Smell. Sneezing

»  Special team for ENT Emergencies.

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