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Department of Psychiatry

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Department of Psychiatry


The Psychiatry Deptt in KIMS provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment services for patients with Psychiatric and Developmental disorders and their families.

These services include:

A. Specialized Evaluations from birth to 18 years; evidence-based treatments for Anxiety, Depression, and Disruptive Behaviors;

B. Psychopharmacological Evaluation and management;

C. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Counseling and Psychotherapy

When life is no longer working; when fractured relationships, out-of-control behavior, abuse or other issues tear you or your family apart; we can help. Our caring clinical psychologist focuses on solving your most troubling problems with insight and compassion, and without judgment.

Counseling commonly aids in the treatment of:

»  Mood and anxiety disorders

»  Marital and other relational problems

»  Anger problems

»  Substance abuse

»  Child and Adolescent psychological problems

»  Brain trauma

Clients also benefit from Specific Therapies as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Client Centered Approaches, Psycho Analysis, Hypnotherapy, Play Therapy etc...

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