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Neuro Surgery

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Neuro Surgery

Neurosurgery department at KIMS is emerging as a Centre of Excellence. It is credited with round the clock Neurosurgical services by a team of committed Medical and Paramedical staff. Department is equipped with state of art Neurosurgical equipments and Infrastructure.

We provide full range of Neurosurgical Specialty services.

  • A well-developed ICU with all modern equipment and life support instruments
  • Latest MRI & CT & USG machine
  • EMG & EEG to give state of the art investigatory facility
  • High end laboratory with automated instruments to perform all sorts of latest investigations
  • Well ventilated wards with with paramedics to attend to their need round the clock
  • OPD and Indoor services are provided by experts
  • 24x7 modern ICU back up is available
  • State of the art-Neurosurgery operation Theatre
  • Neurosurgical department specialization in :-
    • Brain tumors
    • Pituitary & skull base fusion
    • Spinal disorder
    • Cerebro-Vascular Diseases
    • Pediatric Neurosurgery
    • Endoscopic & minimal Invasive Neurosurgery
    • Neuro- Critical Care
    • Intensive neuro trauma management (Brain & spinal Injuries)

    We work in close co-ordination with the department of ENT, Interventional radiology, Intensive care, Plastic Surgery, anaesthesia and neurology to provide comprehensive care for all cervical & spinal disorders.

    Treatment & Procedure
    Varieties of cases
    Various type of brain tumours, spinal tumours, cervical tumours, head injury, congenital spinal dysraphism, shunt surgery (Ventriculo peritoneal shnt), chronic subdural hematoma, endoscopic/microscopic assistant, transphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumour.
    Rare Cases Clival chordoma, sellar adenoid cyst, multiple tubsculoma brain, multiple tubsculoma brain, multiple clavarical vascular hematoma

    Patient Stories A rare case of Spinal Dysraphism having multiple lesions. (Split cord malformation, Dorsal Meningomyelocele, Syringomyelia , Chiari- I malformation ) A 7 week old, 3.5 kg body weight, full term baby was brought by parents with the complains of a soft swelling over his back . The swelling was present since birth and was gradually increasing in size. Apart from the swelling in the back child did not have any other problems.
    On examination:
    • General condition was good, child was active and playful
    • No evidence of any neuro-cutaneous markers, skeletal or urological deformities
    • Head Size was normal for the age with Lax A.F
    • CNS Examination : No Neurological deficits
    • Local examination of the swelling: 5x4x4 cm swelling over upper Dorsal spine, soft cystic in nature with positive trans –illumination and thin skin cover.

    Treatment – Although child was not having any neurological deficits but was offered surgery in order to
    • prevent future neurological deficits which are inevitable
    • Prevent CSF leak
    • Preserve Motor, Sensory and Intellectual function
    • And restoring the spinal cord to normal
    Surgery -
    • Dorsal Meningomyelocele: Excision of the sac was achieved with preservation of neural tissue, multilayered closure with good skin covering
    • Split cord Malformation (SCM type –I ) at D 6-7 : The area of split cord was exposed, Bony Spur in between two hemi cords and the sac was removed using high speed drill and microsurgical techniques . After removal of the bony spur, the single dural sac was reconstructed to lodge both the hemi-cords. Water tight closure was achieved

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