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Surgical problems in Paediatric age group are quite different from those encountered by adults. About 5-7% of the new born babies may be having a surgical problem requiring surgical management. Paediatric surgeons are specially trained, having extensive experience and expertise in managing Congenital & Acquired Surgical problems in paediatric age group. Here in KIMS, we work in close association with our Neonatologists , Paediatric physicians and Intensivists to provide the best possible care and outcome.

Some of the common problems managed by paediatric surgeons:

  • Lap Cholecystectomy, Correction of Malrotation,
  • Lap reduction of intussusception
  • Lap Appendectomy
  • Lap Herniotomy
  • Lap Orchiopexy

a ) Neonatal: i. Different Congenital Anomalies, Abdominal wall defects, Intestinal Atresias, Congenital Diaphrgmatic Hernias, Imperforate Anus, Hirschsprung's disease. b) General Paediatric Surgery: ii. Hernias, Hydroceles, Phimosis, Lumps/Bumps, Perianal problems, Abscess, iii. Appendicitis, Abdominal Cysts/Tumours c) Thoracic: b) Oesophageal Atresia, CLE, CAM, Empyema Thoracis a) Hepatobiliary: Choledochal Cyst, Biliary Atresia, Portal Hypertension, Psedudocyst of Pancreas b) Paediatric Urology: PU Valve, VUR, Ureterocele, Hydronephrosis, Incontinence, UTI, Congenital Renal anomalies, Renal neoplasm and Undescended Testes c) Paediatric Oncosurgery: Wilm's tumour, Neuroblastoma, teratoma, Dermoids d) Paediatric Plastic surgery: Accessory toes, fingers, hemangiomas, lymphangiomas e) Paediatric Neurosurgery: Hydrocephalus, Meningomyeloceles f) Paediatric Trauma

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